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now that the holiday season is approaching and thanksgiving is over, we have tips and advice on how you can manage with your money during the holidays, plus put on the holiday glam without spending a foreign and celebrating the season of light with music --
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fortune, and celebrating the season of light with music, all next on "bay area focus/black renaissance"!
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good morning. i am your host dr. brenda wade. in our challenging economy, many of us need to think about shopping for holiday gifts this year. for tips and advice op how to
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keep holiday spending in check is community manager of wells fargo bank greg young. thank you for being here with us. i know you have great ideas for us. >> thank you for having me. >> what is the most important thing we need to do to make sure we manage our money well this season? >> the first thing you want to do is make sure you plan what you are going to spend this holiday season. often times with the excitement of the holidays we want to go out and shop. it feels good after thanksgiving and right up to the holiday season, mean january we are depressed because of all we spent. >> right. exactly. i want to footnote we know when we set our attitude toward anything, money, food, or relationship, if there is planning, it brings us into a more thoughtful and creative approach. i want to underscore the importance of planning. >> absolutely. the key to a successful and
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debt free or minimal debt holiday season is really planning out what you are going to spend and sticking to that financial plan. >> what other things should we pay attention to when it come to our money, because most people are in a state of vagueness about money. i don't know exactly what i have or what i am going to spend on gifts. we get over that heard we will planning. what is next? >> next you really want to stick to that plan. secondly, look for creative and low cost alternatives to help meet your holiday shopping needs. with the outlets, with online, with all this defense secretarying that is gooding on -- decreasing that is -- discounting that is going on, you don't have to pay full price for anything. so, really look for discounts and bargains. then the other piece is really, once you have met that plan, stop! don't spend anymore. look at other creative
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solutions to help meet those holiday shopping needs. >> how do we keep people honest with the plan? the hardest thing is to go in a store, start the shopping and not get caught up even if you have a plan. do you have any tricks or tip to stay honest with that plan? >> the first thing, if you are going to be using credit cards -- . >> ouch! >> only take one credit card. >> all right. >> and take the credit card that has the smaller limit so, again, that is a way to control. don't go get the brand new credit card that has the high education limit you can charge it up, but get that credit card. if you have to use credit that has the lower limit. cash is still king. >> right. >> try to meet your holiday shopping needs by using cash, because guess what, the beauty of cash is that when you have done that holiday shopping, you don't owe anybody. >> right! >> you are not going to get that bill come january. >> and better still, when we
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have a plan to not overspend, we end up saving, and we want everyone to really focus. you will come back and talk with us more next about saving and investing our money so we build a secure future. that is more important as i put my plug in, everybody. that is more important than gifting, is to give to ourself as secure future. >> absolutely. don't get caught up in the fads and keeping one the joneses. be creative with your holiday gifts. photo albums are wonderful gifts. and ask people what they want, because sometimes it is not what you think they want for the holidays which typically if you are trying to get into somebody's mind and not really know, it can cost you more. ask people what, do they really want? make them creative and personal gifts. what you will find, those are usually cheaper. >> absolutely. i know that making gifts
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sometimes is more satisfying for both the gift receiver and gift giver. >> absolutely. >> now, what else should we pay attention to with our money? we have a plan. we are going to do alternative gifting where we shop for bargains, take only the low limit credit cards or cash. anything else? >> the other thing, a very simple concept, even before you get into the stores and shopping is pay yourself first. >> oh? >> that simply means when you get your income, put something aside for yourself. because what you are doing, you are building the habit and discipline or paying yourself first. even though you are going out and doing holiday shopping, get in the habit of putting something aside. >> where should you put what you are putting aside? that is crucial, too. i hear all the time in my classes, in my love and money classes, people love their
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money but they love to spend more than put to it work. what is best place to put it so it is working for you when you put it aside. >> there are all types of investment tools. what i say to folks, based on where you are financially and what your financial goals are short term and long term, look at the best alternative for you. in terms of get into the habit and discipline, put something into you your savings account. or, there are tools where you can purchase stocks based on what you can afford on a monthly basis. so, just get in the habit. i mean, i tell people we know about doing this. if you think about how many of us learn to save, it was a good, old-fashioned piggy bank. we would collect loose change, put excite the piggy bank and we determined if we were rich based on how heavy it was. sit same concept now. -- it is the same concept now. when you get income, put it aside, into a savings account
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and investment account. >> one thing i want to add, when i am teaching my classes, i always teach people to look at what the savings actually means for you in the future. because when we have a clear vision of what that could mean for your future, it means i am secure when i retire. it means i am secure when i retire and i saved for a nice vacation. both those things are motivating. >> sure. >> as human beings, if we don't have a reward or motivation, we won't had do it. >> yes! >> greg, anything else you want to add? a quick tip at the end? >> yes. make the holidays fun. try to do as much as you can and meet the needs of loved ones, but again, putting something aside for yourself. make your own needs and having a financial plan for the holidays and beyond. >> thank you so much, greg young. i so appreciate those tips. please, be aware, if you need more information on how you handle your money matter this is holiday season and
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throughout the year, you can visit remember, it is more important how you feel than how it looks. stay right there. we have lots more.
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. welcome back to "bay area focus/black renaissance." my next guests will help you get a new glamour look for the holidays and beyond. how do you get that new look? >> well, you can come to our glamour studios. >> how do you add to the look you already have? >> glamour is really how look and feel on the inside. >> i love that.
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>> glamour enhancement. >> i love that. it reminds me of oprah's new look on the cover, beautiful, natural hair but very glamorous. >> yes. >> how long does it take to get a look like this? >> for a look like this it takes about six to eight hours from start to finish. >> wow! how long does it last? >> as long as you take care of it up to two months. >> it is an investment in time on the front end, but lit last two months. do -- but it will last two months. do you need trip to the salon inbetween? >> yes and no. it depend on if you take care of it at home. >> what do you need then? >> sleep caps. >> that keeps it from getting messed up. >> and dangled. you don't want to go to bed with your hair wet. that is number one. >> you shampoo it with anything special? >> just regular moisturing
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shampoo. i suggest going into the salon and having it shampooed as opposed to going into the salon. >> i love this glamorous look. is this part of the holiday style that you are suggesting? this is more old school, billy holiday, i want to put a gardenia kind of a look? >> yes. [ laughing ] this is an old school glam look. i love that look. glassic looks. i kind of whip this had up. you can achieve this by roller sets, pin pearls that, kind offense thing. >> okay! one of the things that african- american women always work with our hair is it can get dry and brittle, especially in the winter. >> yes. >> as professional, what do you suggest for hair care this time of year? >> shampoo, good conditioner. just think moisture because you think in the winter time you are thinking your skin, hair and nails are very dry. we need moisture.
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>> i am experiencing that. >> we all do. so, drink lots of water. >> you have to do it internally as well as topically. >> all right. >> then there are treatments at our salon. we do a lot of steam treatments, under the steamer. it gets deep interior the hair shaft with a steamer, so -- deeper into the hair shot, so, lots of moisture that way, too. >> and you are steaming it with the conditioner on? >> yes. the conditioner on. >> okay. are there any products we should avoid in the winter that dry us out more? >> i would say a lot of times we will wet our hair and go, but a lot of times when you just wet your hair and go, water can be very drying, so, it will dry the hair out. >> oh. okay. well, we have pictures of glam shots you put together for us. let's have a look at these. >> i love that! >> yes. this is hot, the up-do.
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>> does it take long to achieve in a one? >> no. a couple of hair pins, pull it bag, you are good. >> there is the old school glam. >> yes. >> i want that gardenia right there. that is so pretty and soft and feminine. >> and the natural hair. >> yes. my daughter has exactly that look. fantastic. i love it. >> that is in now. the natural hair. >> that is very fashion- forward. >> and bangs are big. >> and for the holidays, would you leave it like this or add anything? >> you could leave it like that or add a little bling. >> a little bling. i love the soft. that is very pretty. soft, sexy hair. and there you go, the total glam. >> the total glam. >> wow! does it take long to do this. >> >> you would achieve this by roller setting the hair.
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depending on how long your hair, is you will be under the drier for about an hour. >> can do you any of those looks at home? >> absolutely, with the right tools. >> what are the tools. this is one of those things. i am on the road a lot. how do i keep my hair together on the road. >> always have a kit together for yourself. make sure you have a rat-tail home. hair pins. because you can always just do rolls or buns to keep your look together. >> okay. >> yes. and for just at home, i would say a hooded drier always works at home if you want to do the roller sets. >> all right. if you want to freshen up a basic do like mine for the holidays, glam it up, what should i do? give me help, please! >> i would say a head band with bling on it. >> a head bang with bling? >> yes. you have to have the bling for the holidays. there you go! push your hair back a little
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bit. >> is this it? >> there you go. >> i love it! it is so cute. >> a little bling goes a longer. thank you. i appreciate that. now, are hot rollers really damaging to the hair? should i leave those alone? >> hot rollers can be if utahed sparingly. not all the time. i suggest if you have regular rollers at home, before you get in the shower, roll your hair up. get in the shower. let your hair be the last thing now the house. >> does the shower help with the set? >> absolutely. >> and do you have to dry it after you come out? >> no. that is it. very easy. >> all right. now, anything else you want to tell us that are your secrets to glam city? i know you have all kinds of secrets going over there. >> secrets? oh, my goodness. >> we can't share those! >> oh, come on! [ laughing ] >> you have to come on over.
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>> one more secret! well, i so appreciate you, and all the tips. we all want to look great this holiday season. for more information on their work and the beautiful glam city salon, visit their website at you can look great with them this holiday season! stay right there. remember, the most important thing is let your light shine. there is lots more. we will be right back.
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. welcome back. the holiday season is quickly approaching, and the holiday interface choir lets out so much light. they have their opening concert december 1st. take a look... . ♪ [ singing ]
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. wow, that is a gorgeous, gorgeous sound. this is the founder of the beautiful, beautiful choir, the founder terrance kelly. oh, my gosh, i can't believe you are going on 27 years. >> i was 4 when i started. >> you were 4! you don't look a day over 30, darling. it is quite all right. >> i actually just turned 50! >> did you really? well, congratulations. one of the cool kids! how did you get the inspiration to start this choir? >> i am the artistic director for jazz camp. it started with the then leader asking me if i would be interested in doing gospel music year around. people wanted to do it but didn't want to necessarily join a church do it, so, 26 years ago we started the oakland interface gospel choir. >> amazing.
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how did you get started in music? >> my father is the late, great greg kelly, the jazz artist, and my mother is the late faye kelly, a teacher and voice director. so, music has been in my house forever. >> so, this is your family heritage and legacy? >> it definitely is. did you have any formal training to hone your skills and set into the family legacy? >> well, i trained in high school under phil reader. he is the legendary director of the castle month group. castlemont group. he went to texas southern and studied avenue that with cheryl kelly. >> what did you study there? >> local performance. >> if people want to follow in your footsteps, what is your advice to young aspiring artist, music in general or
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vocal in particular? >> get your basics first. study young people. do scales and breathing and technique. it is important. it is important. >> yes. >> so, really get in there and get your basics down. because around the basics everything else falls. >> so, the basics would be doing the daily drill, doing the daily exercises. >> yes. >> the part that most young people don't want to do. >> exactly. >> i remember learning scales and thinking oh, my god, sit last thing i feel like doing. it wasn't until later when i saw pros on the scale, up and down, that i thought, oh, that is how it works. >> be clean. >> be clean. all right. so, when you started the choir, what was your vision for this choir? >> um, world peace. >> world peace, oh. >> i know it is generic, but i want to show people that a black person can sing next to a
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white person, asian person, next to a christian, ewe tear yan, agnostic -- unitarian, agnostic -- that we are all more alike than unalike. >> i love that vision. i want that to spread out that we are more alike than different. music is one of those things that bring us together. often i heard the old quote that music is the language of the soul. it opens us up in a deep, deep way. opens our heart. >> it is the best vehicle for deep conversation, actually. >> how do people get into the choir. do they audition? >> yes. >> how does that work? >> we have an audition in february, with roughly eight to ten spots every year. >> only eight to ten? these are very coveted spots. >> yes. >> this is all volunteer work? >> it is all volunteer. >> we rehearse every monday and sing about 22 times a year.
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that is without the small group. the ensemble adds another 15 times. >> that is wonderful. i know you are doing charity work with a coat drive. tell us about that? >> at our holiday concert we are having a coat drive. you can bring as many coats as you can, for our homeless shelter for the people that don't have things. we decided to have one warm coat drive. >> that is wonderful. so, people should be bringing coat to the holiday concerts when they come? >> please. >> the holiday concert this is year, i have this wonderful flier you brought. we have one saturday, december 22nd at the historic paramount theater in oakland. and you have is second one at slems in san francisco. a that is a different venue? >> yes. we have two great soldout shows there. we have so much fun. it is more intimate. it is 15 of the choirs best
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singers. >> i hate to stop you there, because i would love to ask you to hum a few bar, but thank you for joining us, terrance. you can all attend the up coming oakland interface gospel choir perform with mr. terrance kelly. it takes place next saturday night, december 1st at the oakland paramount theater. bring those warm coats, everybody. call for more information. . i am going to give you a holiday gift that will keep giving throughout the year, a new positive attitude and a lot of extra light and energy. could you use that? go to my website and register for my class. more alive than ever. you in 2013. go to www.sanfrancisco.cbsloca
8:28 am right now -- for more. i am brenda wade. blessings!
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